Larry Rifkin Headshot

Larry Rifkin, DDS

Physician Advisory Board

Dr. Rifkin has long given back to his community in various philanthropic endeavors. His work in this area is not about shining a light on himself but rather to restore one of the most important things a person can lose, their smile. When Dr. Rifkin’s philanthropic efforts garner media attention, he is proud to use the platform to educate and inspire the public.

His most recent focus has been with R.A.W. (Rebuilding American’s Warriors) and Face Forward. Dr. Rifkin donates his time and skill to both organizations so that returning injured military personnel as well as women and children traumatized by domestic violence can smile again.

Veteran Sergeant Tony Lino served as a member of the U.S. Marine Corp’s EOD bomb squad in Iraq. These soldiers save lives while risking their own by seeking out and dismantling enemy explosives. Unfortunately, Sergeant Lino was injured when flying shrapnel from an explosion knocked out one of his teeth and injured several others. Upon returning to the U.S., Dr. Rifkin and his staff were honored to give Sergeant Lino the full “star” treatment—and a brand new smile.