Deboarah Alessi Headshot

Deborah Alessi


Deborah Alessi is a Scottish-born businesswoman who worked at the top of the aviation industry prior to relocating to the United States. She is the Founder and CEO of Face Forward International, which is female, survivor lead organization established in 2007.

Ms. Alessi received an advanced degree in business management from Glasgow University before relocating to the Middle East to work for the Royal Family of Bahrain. During her career in private aviation, Ms. Alessi advanced rapidly through the ranks to manage the family’s fleet of private aircraft. Her experience in the job included extensive travel and exposure to the finest of products, services, and etiquette. To continue to advance her career, Ms. Alessi moved to the United States to work numerous Fortune 500 companies and private individuals in selecting, purchasing, and managing private aircraft.

In her current role leading Face Forward, Ms. Alessi draws on her unique ability to mix shrewd business acumen, upper echelon skin care, and global philanthropy. As one journalist put it, “It is rare to find an individual as beautiful on the outside as she is within. Deborah Alessi is that individual, and won’t rest until Face Forward puts the brakes on domestic violence.”

Deborah launched her other business venture, Beverly Hills IV Therapy in 2018 as CEO, servicing Los Angeles and the Maldives and soon expanded into a full scale wellness clinic in Dubai in 2021, where she launched her Beverly Hills Wellness and Aesthetic clinic at the Five Palm, and expanded the brand to more locations in the Maldives and the UK.